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MEDGEL is a platform that aims to reduce the inefficiencies of emergency medical services in the United States. Based on our interviews during the Hackathon, ambulances are short-staffed with 1-2 paramedics, and they do not have an extra staff to do history taking of the patient. So paramedics will have to memorise the conditions of the patients or record it down on their gloves as they attend to their patients. Often, these information are not relayed to the hospital emergency department staff accurately and promptly, which results in delays and non-optimal care provided to their patients.

MEDGEL solves the above problem by providing a mobile application (left) for on-scene paramedics that allows hands-free history taking of the patient through voice. These audio recording are transcribed to text via voice to text recognition, which are then updated live on an emergency room dashboard (right) in a hospital. This allows information of the patient to be transmitted to the hospital early so that the hospital can prepare before the arrival of the patient.

Idea Inspiration

My inspiration came when one of the Hackathon sponsors, IBM, showcased their Watson speech to text and natural language processing technologies. Based on my previous experience as a medic in my national service, I realised that paramedics will need to do history taking of the patient that they tend to. However, that would also means that there will be one less pair of hands to help in attending the patient, or that information is likely to be memorised and then conveyed inaccurately and incompletely to the hospital staff later.

About FirstNet Public Safety Hackathon

FirstNet is a wireless service provider that operates a specific cellular spectrum dedicated for emergency situations. In this hackathon that I participated, we were tasked to develop solutions for one of the three categories related to public safety, specifically for police enforcement, firefighting, and emergency medical services.

Project Details

Project Category


Frameworks, Libraries and APIs

iOS, React.JS, Watson, Node.JS, Mongo DB

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Team Members

5-member team from NUS and NTU


Won the Best Emergency Medical Services App

Hackathon Period

23 March 2018 to 24 March 2018