Screenshot of KODO Chatbot

Mock up of KODO app

About KODO

KODO is a chat-bot app for lonely people written on the iOS platform. We found that loneliness is a widespread problem with many significant consequences, including increased risk of depression and suicide, cardiovascular disease and stroke, and dependence on alcohol and drugs. One way to resolve the problem of loneliness is to encourage this group of people to start sharing their thoughts and feelings again. However, we understand that this group of people may not have friends to talk to, or are unwilling to share their emotions. So, with our chat-bot’s thoughtful guides and prompts, lonely users may bridge an initial connection to our chat-bot to build their confidence to share their feelings. Once KODO determines that the user is open enough to talk to real people, KODO will start to ask if they are willing to chat with other users with similar interests as them.

Project Details

Project Category


Frameworks, Libraries and APIs

iOS, DialogFlow

Team Members

5-member team from NUS and NTU


Won the Third Place

Hackathon Period

21 April 2018 to 22 April 2018