About Otter

Otter was a peer-to-peer bicycle sharing mobile platform that allows cyclists to ride bicycles anywhere at anytime.

The idea was conceptualised and implemented in an era before the major bicycle-sharing companies (oBike, MoBike and ofo) existed, where there were problems of unavailability and inaccessibility of bicycles at certain parts of Singapore.

Our solution was modelled after major sharing economy ideas such as Airbnb and Uber where underutilised resources are shared in the economy. In this solution, owners with underused bicycles may lease their bicycles up on their platform, and interested cyclists may rent them.

The Otter App

Version One Screenshots

Here is the MVP of our solution built on the Android platform. It was my first attempt in engineering this application without any formal background knowledge in software engineering. Hence, it was an impressive feat for me.

Our app was on Google Play
Cyclists could log in via Facebook,
browse bicycles on the map,
read the details for each bike,
and make a reservation.
Cyclists could see their transactions,
and list their own bicycles as well.

Version Two App Sketches

As version 1 was not available on iOS, version 2 was born to be on both Android and iOS. At the same time, it is designed to be more user-intuitive with the assurance of trust and security in mind.

Loading Screen for Version 2.
New cyclists may register
with their phone and email.
Here is the home page.
They can nagivate to pages like
user profile with ratings,
locations of bicycles for rental,
description of bicycles in detail,
history of transactions,
details of each rental,
user verification wizard
and referral system.

What We did at Otter

Otter Cafe Tour

Apart from the development of the applications below, we held community outreach events, such as our monthly Otter Cafe Tour, where we bring casual cyclists to explore different parts of Singapore.

Project Details

Project Category

Start-up, Android

Team Members

Ong Jia Rui (Co-Founder), Wang Xien Dong (Co-Founder, Me)


Project Period

December 2014 to August 2016