About FOP 2016

NUS Computing Freshmen Orientation Projects 2016 was a major project committee under the Management Committee of NUS Students’ Computing Club. It oversees two major orientation camps (Freshmen Social Camp, Freshmen Orientation Week), Rag & Flag, and Bash night. For more details, you may find out more here.

My Role - Head of Publicity

As the Head of Publicity for FOP 2016, I directed a publicity team of 16 people in projects that promote various orientation activities, and projects that involve technical skills such as the production of orientation camp videos and photography coverage. You may have a look at our productions here.

Furthermore, I have nurtured a strong FOP brand, by formulating a unified design scheme across the various projects, and produced various graphical masterpieces, including the iconic FOP logo above.

My Designs

Here are some of my design work that I have contributed to FOP.

FOP Crest for Facebook Page
Informational poster for freshmen
Computing T-Shirt for fund-raising
FOP T-Shirt to unite the entire FOP family
House logos for Freshmen Social Camp
Camp Logo for Freshmen Orientation Week
T-Shirt design for Freshmen Orientation Week
An animation of the FOP logo, used as an introduction to all FOP related videos

Fun Facts

  1. The four droplets in the FOP logo was adapted from my previous project in NJC Orientation 2015.
  2. The >_< symbol on the computing t-shirt was inspired by the command line input >_. This means that the displayed window is actually the terminal.

Project Details

Project Category

Graphic Design, Leadership

Team Members

Me + Publicity Team of 16 members.

Project Period

October 2015 to August 2016 (11 months)