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Computer Science Student · Full-Stack Developer · Graphic Designer · Pikachu Lover
Photo taken at Yayoi Kusama exhibition.

Hey there, I'm Xien Dong Also: Xander or XD .

Crafting a software is like coding a masterpiece.

I take pride in the fine details in my craft. With every line of code I write and every Bézier-curve I draw, I envision to build software products that enrich our lives and improve the ways we engage in our daily activities.

I have recently graduated from my Computer Science degree (honours) programme from the National University of Singapore with highest distinction. I have also recently did an internship with Facebook and Fellow Robots in Silicon Valley, US.

My interests include:
Web Dev Android iOS Computer Vision Entrepreneurship
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Play arcade games and solve math arithmetic sums at the same time!
Reconstructs 3D model of your face on Android
Three Dee Face (for FYP)
On-demand Learning Feedback Platform
Won Third Place!
KODO - BroncoHack (Hackathon)
Won the Best Emergency Medical Service Award!
MEDGEL - FirstNet Hackathon
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